Advantages of booking directly with the hotel

On the web, sending an email or making a phone call. There are a number of advantages making the reservation directly with the hotel.

In the hotel industry must be "rate parity online", it means that the price has to be the same on all engines of reservations; obviously this is not true of all but searchers like Trivago, and whose slogan is "Find your ideal hotel at the best price" would not make sense.

This is so for a number of reasons, among others because sometimes you are given the opportunity to market the hotel to portals that "playing" with the commission they receive from the sale, lowering the price of sale. If this occurs you can contact the hotel and require a fee equal to the view on the internet.

Two things can happen:

1. You say that you book it through the internet where have you seen it. In this case it is more likely that you are speaking with a worker demotivated and not involved with the accommodation.

2. That will offer you the same price and also take measures so that they no longer be you're disparities. But we are going to assume that we have price parity online and i have seen Slow Hotels all the met.

In any case will be the hotel that best deals you can get, especially in reservations of several nights and/or rooms.

This shows that the price should not be a reason for making the reservation by one or the other channel. In any case we could obtain better conditions to make the reservation directly through the hotel.
But, forgetting the price, which are the other advantages of the booking directly in relation to make it through another channel.

1. You can choose THE room that you like . You do not have because contentment with choose between a standard, deluxe or suite, but you can choose that which has the views that you want, the table which you saw on a photo or that has the bathroom more curious.

It is one of the reasons for not can make reservations through my countryman, could not transmit it with fidelity as it is each one of the rooms in hotels so special (in many hotels each room is different). And if I do that i have stayed at all and I know personally imagine a web of reserves that is known only to those features that introduce you.

2. To know exactly where the hotel is located. See your location on Google Maps is good, but not serves to know that from there you can get to a beach following a road between crop fields or that to get pass by natural waterfalls.

3. To be contacted directly, goes in tastes, but I prefer that they can contact me directly the people who work at the hotel to have to do so through a code that provides them with the web of reservations. It will be easier to learn about how to arrive, possibility to book dinner or some other activity and knowing your time of arrival.

4. After the stay and thanks to this direct contact may send you messages with new activities, events or special promotions. Information intended for customers related to the philosophy of the hotel and not chain mails or offers here or there.

5. That percentage that the hotel leaves to pay the reservation engine can invest in continue to grow and offer a better experience to customers.

6. It is the only way to know the real availability. Sometimes, specially small hotels, close sales to others channels and even some of then just sale it through themselves in order to avoid pay commissions and possible overbookings.

In the final analysis, search engines and webs of reservations, may serve to reduce the options to a few accommodations thanks to its technology, data analysis and opinions of other travellers, but once at that point I recommend to visit the websites of these hotels and make the reservation directly with them.

And you, how do you book your next hotel?

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