How to prepare your slow travel

Would you like to enjoy more of your travel? know deeper? more authentic? tired after holidays? learn something for your day-to-day? Disconnect? Reconnect?

I understand the slow travel as a conscious and responsible travel. A trip that will enjoy the small things and that will provide something in it. These are some of the guidelines that I continue to prepare my travel:

Choose well the fate. Before starting to prepare the trip I think what I want to know the time of year that is, the time available to me and my budget. Although it is true that there are places that are more suitable than others to practice the slow travel, this is possible both in a rural environment, on the coast or in a big city.

Read a book that is developed in the place that I am going to visit. I love this, makes me begin to live the journey before leaving and to enjoy it much more when I am on it. It can be a book of adventures, a thriller, romantic or a graphic novel, what you like most, no matter the genre, only to be good and transport you back to this place.

Be informed about its culture and history. Know some features of the place beyond the typical clichés you to know him more in depth, discussions with the local are more enriching and that will be in most authentic sites.

Choose well the accommodation. I love the hotels and spend time choosing which the perfect is for every occasion. This in line with this philosophy of travel, that the owners can recommend their particular "secrets" of the region, you can try the gastronomy of proximity, which is a construction zone feature of this… are some of the rules to succeed in this regard.

Plan for what is right. With the idea of the journey that I want to do and this information, there is always some experience that you do not want to lose and some place is that I will not fail to visit. My recommendation would be that you book this (especially if it is in periods of high occupation) and that in the rest of the time leave yourself go.

If you want any help you your next slow travel, please contact us.

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