I don´t want to be like at home

I heard many times the expression: "at this hotel i have stayed like at home". Who says it does so as praise to the place in which he has felt comfortable and in which you have been treated so close.

But if I was the owner of any of these hotels would not be happy, I think that this is not what you must offer an accommodation.
This must go beyond and give us something that we cannot have in their daily lives.

When I look for a hotel I try to find one where you can share experiences and lessons learned that could not be in another site.

Some countries have achieved “touch me” and remember to always, how when I saw birds of prey in the immensity of the field from Extremadura, dinner next to the fireplace in a village of the south of France, a bathroom with foam in a millennial farmhouse surrounded by forests, a salad with 16 varieties of tomatoes, feel a knight templar or stroll among sheep and mysterious constructions.

For the hoteliers it is not easy to create these emotions and I think the only way to do this is to create the site to where you would like to travel and turn it into your home.

Is to make it simple and you forward something at the same time, it is to share with the people you visit your style of life and make it fall in love of it (even if is just for a few days), is to achieve connect with them in a genuine way and do that when traveling never more to want to return to feel "at home".

And to you, which have been those places that have managed to “touch you”?

What our paisanos say?

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