Can a hotel change your life?

Yesterday, Facebook reminded me that two years ago in this photo. Two years since I went to the Demba for the first time. What I saw, what I felt, their way of working, to relate, spaces, everything was done with a passion that only have the people who really love what they do.

At that time he worked in one of the best hotels in Barcelona, and had previously been in a spectacular Relais&chateaux in the province of Toledo, and I am sure that we never transmit what they succeeded in transmitting in my Jota and Josep those days in the Sobrarbe.

I believed that was part of the best of the hotel industry and I realized that no, or at least not for me. It is clear that for many people the most important thing is to enjoy in restaurants with Michelin stars or bathe in luxurious spas, but not for me.

I got to thinking in because this place marked me so much both and I discovered it was because I had given what I look for when I travel. Amazing spaces, courage and connecting with people. The journey involves a enjoy, but that there is something in me once you are finished.

Shortly after I decided to leave my work, to focus on work with the owners of accommodations with these values, helping them in everything that can and with the hope of connect with people who are looking for something similar to me in their travel.

At this time there have been good times and bad, obviously not all is rosy and those who have a business will know, and those that do not also, because all forms are not always everything is perfect. But I am remain with the people that I know and trust in me, so that I learn from them and with the satisfaction of helping them with the new projects that are coming out (the soon-to-speak to you) and with the illusion of do each day what I believe in and that I love.

PD. I don't say that by visiting one of these hotels your life is going to change in a way as radical as mine, I worked in this sector and I think that was intended to do so. But what I can say is that all of them you can take some learning that will serve you to make your day to day a little better.

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