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A few days ago I was talking with my sister about a new project that I am working that basically consists in which professionals from different fields create experiences (word very vaunted but that expresses what it is) in inspiring spaces.

Now I will tell you more about this in his time, but now I wanted to share that conversation and a reflection.

Resuming it was thus:

Maria (My Sister) - "In these meetings should suggest that the wizards do not make photos. Many times we did not enjoy the moment for be thinking of doing the photo".

David (me) - "But they have a memory of that time and may share it with other people you might be interested in."

M - "No, there are many things that I remember that I have no photos. What is more, of the things I remember most i have no photos. Simply i remember."

This left me by spinning and thinking on what are the situations (of my travel) that more memory. Curiously the first that I come to a head i have no photos.

I remember having fully lived, but at the same time I have the feeling that at that moment I did not feel that it was there (it is difficult to explain).

Of which I agree with more force are of these two - a feast (at the house of friends of Filipe) in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa and the other looking for a hostel in a beach of the Gambia in the middle of the night with Laura.

Two very different situations that have in common that they it was night, was on another continent, which was exciting and that I have no photos of them.

You can be a coincidence I thought, but in relation to the emotions a few days later I explained that it recalls what moves us.

And it´s true! Think about the most important things that you have spent in recent years. Secure it in the first positions are to be those you have transmitted emotions can be positive (fall in love, a recognition of your work, have a son…) or negative (break with your partner, be dismissed, losing a loved one…).

All this makes me think that maybe my sister has reason, sometimes by making a photo or share on social networks* prevents us from being able to live for the moment fully, not reach overwhelmed as it should and therefore our memories can be more vague.

* With social networks I have the feeling that there is the paradox that serve us to connect with people that are far away and that many times we do not know (and I think is great), but that sometimes we disconnected from the moment in which we are and with whom we live.

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