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Wine is one of one of the icons of the good life, the perfect accompaniment to memorable meals and ideal to share with those you love more. Plan to be in a quiet place, with friends, biting something and sharing a good wine is difficult to beat. Many are those who love this drink and to fully understand nothing as to know the people who make it possible. Then you show the wineries in which I most enjoyed and which I have helper to know a little better wines:


The wine of the desert. This is like Fernando Mir has made known its wines, which creates of artisan form in the arid and difficult land from the Desert of the Monegros. About 8000 bottles per year spread over two wines, Dune, a very special white, to enjoy it with calm; and thirst, a red wine that is already getting recognition both national and international. Another of its projects is "Enoturismonegros" where Fernando organizes a complete sample of your cellar from the vineyards to the tasting of its wines.


Back in 1989 the family Anglès plant their first vines in soils of sandstone and limestone of the Sur Menorca. Today, in your cellar next to those originating vineyards, it is possible to know their process of development and a wine tasting accompanied by other cheeses and jams made with its wine. In addition to Holy Week at the end of October opened its terrace overlooking the vineyards with that proposed a kitchen typical Menorcan updated and maridada with its wines.


On the outskirts of Navaluenga, in the middle of the Sierra de Gredos, a group of people who love their land, their customs and the garnacha grapes, decided to lift stone by stone their own wine cellar. There are a few varietal, with grapes from vineyards nearby, which are very appreciated especially in countries such as Denmark, United States or Taiwan. And not to forget its origins holidays, organize nothing less than three Feasts a year, linking the wine with other worlds, like poetry, music and sport.


Francesc Capafons decided some 20 years ago to buy some high lands in the Priorat. Their philosophy is to find the balance between wild nature and exploitation of vineyards; a type of viticulture has called the attention of experts throughout the world who come to know their vineyards to try to implement it in their region. After knowing their lands and contemplate mountains and vineyards will lead you to your Masia Esplanes, where they organized tastings of their natural wines.


In the vicinity of Cangas de Narcea, its microclimate, more dry and warm than in the rest of Asturias, makes possible the cultivation of grapes, with four native varieties. Its vineyards situated on the slopes of the mountains with more than a 30% slope and to more than 500 meters above the sea level, give the name of High Mountain Viticulture or heroic. There we met the interesting Bodega Vidas and Bodegas Obanca, different among themselves, but with the common point of wanting to improve the Asturian wines year after year.

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