Why all barber shops are equal?

A few months ago I came to live in A Coruña and i had the same drama of whenever changing city. Where do I go to cut my hair?

I do not know how it will be where you live, but here all barber shops look the same "vintage". As American barber shops . You know, wood, leather, the drawing of a pair of scissors and a comb, a serigraph feature and a tube with colors (white, blue and red) in the input. Even barbers seem between them!

Difficult to choose, so I went to one that had seen in Instagram (by chance) and that curiously is in front of my house. It looked very good, a decoration, good furniture, good products, was clean and comfortable armchairs. What happened was that neither the cut hair liked to me and the treatment nor turned out to be the best (nothing happened in particular, but there was no connection. I found that the story that had these photos, razors and razor old non-married very well with the way of being of the hairdresser.

That it was clear that this barber shop was not for me.

Continued there, with the hair cut incorrectly and increasingly long, and for all sites where would each hairdresser looked much like the others. Until one day finally decided that i had to cut and I come into the first that I see. Also had the colored tube in the entry and an english name, but since I was missing and nor would nothing by another bad hair cut.

It was old but not as the other, this tapeworm wood touched and the regular taps, that was old we go. It was also very small, a Mr greater than the input and three young people who were very close to each other.

I short hair one of the young people, that was yours and your beard similar to the other hairdresser. But the way they treated me, to worry about as i wanted the court, by tell me things of the city made me feel very comfortable.

told me that the hairdresser was his father (the lord of the entrance), which a few years ago he had joined and later two of his friends. Even though sometimes the business between family and friends are complicated, in this case seemed to take it very well and the atmosphere that was breathed was excellent. I went there with a good haircut and a good treatment.

I had found my barber shop!

The next time she, helped me another guys (very well too) and told me they were going to reform. The truth that lack made him. What a good opportunity to tell their story, with photos of the father cortándole the hair to his son when he was little, now he cortándoselo the father, Party photos with friends, holiday photos with the family…

But no, instead of that they reformed and made it appeared even more to the other.

And it is a pity because I already know. But it would be great that if someone came back to La Coruña and the history of these hairdressers resounds with he can hit to the first and not have to be lost among so many hairdressers apparently the same.

You may wonder because today we speak of hairdressers and not hotels. Since in addition to tell my dramas and save the psychologist. to reflect because there are so many bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, cars and people that look the same and in reality they are not. And everyone who try to resemble something that in reality are not.

Photo credit: Brent Michael

I have preferred to take the picture of a bank of images, because the image of none of barber shops here represent anything. They all look the same and is of Nashville if it appears that has to do with the place where it is located.

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