Transmits what makes you different

We all have something special, an experience, a knowledge or a skill that makes us different from others. Something that for us it is important and valuable, but at the same time fun and simple.

Some of us are encouraged to transmit it with tables, dolls, blogs, sports, cups, books, movies... But the vast majority do not. Can be for many reasons, but I believe that the main thing is that they think that they have no interest to anyone.

It´s normal to think about, but try to transmit it will take you to deepen this and develop this skill that will help you to other areas of your life (and may others).

Here we collaborate with professionals who organize workshops in our hotels, we advise and assist in the promotion and organization.

In this case we want to go a step further and give you the opportunity to transmit that so special that you have, in a Slow Hotel.

Tell me that is here or writes to davidcarrizo@mipaisano.es and we will make it possible.

What our paisanos say?

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