My Story

Mi Paisano was with his girlfriend, in a terrace of a quarter of Barcelona, planning your next trip. They both needed a few days to relax and unwind.

They had little time to be seen, and although they enjoyed when they were together, it seemed that they were going to trial. A lot of work, bad times, nerves, problems with the landlord and the bustle of the city, always in a hurry to do it all.

After much searching Mi Paisano (a passionate about travel and the gastronomy) found the perfect place, a little hotel in the middle of nature, overlooking a large lake and the mountains. In addition could visit any winery, because of road had an area of vineyards.

They spend a gorgeous weekend, tasting the best local products from the hand of the Chef, having a picnic at the top of a mountain and seeing the light of the moon melted with the water of the lake.

Returned home and everything remained unchanged (the traffic, noise, the rush) but something in them had changed. Opened a bottle of wine and in that same terrace in Barcelona thought that there are other ways of living.

Now, Mi Paisano wants to show you places like this so that you may be a little happier.

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