Slow Hotels: Sustainable, happy & unique

Mi Paisano wants you know the accommodations that he likes, which enjoys in their travel and contribute something in his life.

It is not a list of hotels with charm, or rural, or luxurious.

Although they do have lots of charm, as their owners who have in common the make your establishment a place special and share it with people who visit. This extends to their employees who help them to fulfill her dream and do so with taste as their workdays are reasonable and the treatment is excellent. And are unique because these facilities are designed to be there and only there where they are, and because they have the personality of people who live there, sharing their tastes and interests.

Can that many of them are in rural areas, and they are because they love the nature, and want that travellers will enjoy it. But in a sustainable manner, using environmentally friendly materials, products of proximity, promoting activities of low environmental impact and to collaborate with the local community. And others will be in the heart of a big city and will be in contact to travellers with the local, being a meeting point for people to put in common ideas about the culture, gastronomy or travel among others.
Despite its superb facilities and design furniture, luxurious hotels are not as in the work that Mi Paisano, understanding by luxuries the classics like, silver cutlery, valet parking, Spa or amenities of any brand name of elegant. In them the stars are the people who live there and the visitors, both the furniture and the "clothing" of the "house", as the products will be selected following the treaties of free trade and using organic products. For Mi Paisano, the luxury is to be able to learn about the history of this place, is to enjoy honest recommendations is to be able to eat a salad (outside the menu) of 16 different tomatoes of its orchard and of producers in the area, is to see that those who work there doi it happy and that her smile is sincere.

Accommodations are in the final analysis sustainable, happy and unique, and Mi Paisano wants to show you for that you may be a little more.

And you, do you know any Slow Hotel?

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