What is (for me) a Slow Hotel?

This is a new concept in hospitality and we are pioneers in Spain, then I will explain what is for me a Slow Hotel.

When I speak of Mi Paisano Slow Hotels, many of you ask me, what is a slow Hotel? And I always replied something like this:

"It is an accommodation in which the owners carry the management, they are concerned about the sustainability and with quality."

After this “great” explanation, the majority of people recommend me some hotel that they have state, were commented on or have seen in a magazine, web, or social network; and normally does not fit with what I understand with what is a slow Hotel.

Therefore I understand that the above explanation I give is insufficient. My girlfriend always and he tells me not only on this "your what you have in your mind and you think that the other we need to know what these speaking".

Already talk something about this in my first post " “Sustainable, Happy & Unique” , but I would like to do it again because Slow Hotels, it is a definition that currently only uses a few people.

And I think the best would be to expand each of the points of the terse explanation above:

- Owners carry the management: with this I would like to say that they are in the day to day of the hotel, which help the customers in your stay and that make tasks necessary for the operation of establishment. That they work in the hotel!

This is fundamental for me. I am not interested in accommodations in which an entrepreneur or an investment group put the pulp and leave the administration in the hands of X person that can change over the years; nor those owners that the only thing they do is analyze the account of results, and with this decision-making; or those who are still being usually in the hotel, they don't know how the program works of reservations or corner of the kitchen.

It is not a whim mine that I want this to happen, it is because I believe that the attention, service and the evolution of housing have nothing to do when the owner works at the hotel to when it does not, I am not saying that it is either worse or better, simply that they are slow Hotels or are not. When you are there is a history behind it, a person or persons who are familiar with the places, who are worried that everything works out well and give the best to its guests, and these will be there year after year.

- Concerned about sustainability: looking for the best solutions for the development of his activity is the most beneficial as possible for your environment. In this way used in many cases are in old buildings renovated, using renewable energy, environmental amenities or fair, organic cotton sheets and products from local suppliers. These things are all very well, but I have to make it clear that you do not have to be met for all that are included in the list. What is essential is to give a good treatment of their employees, which are not subjected to long hours of work, which are rewarded, which are recruited by the hours you actually worked, etc.

This is for me is essential, because when the staff feel well treated, are more productive and are more involved and, in these works "in the face to the public", is especially crucial. And if you do not think how many times a rude gesture of a waiter or a bad attention of a receptionist, has ruined much of your experience in the hotel.

- Have high quality: here if that I already "got your back of glory" with this feature. Logically, the hotels that included are beautiful and your care and cleanliness are excellent, but what we are looking for in Mi Paisano Slow Hotels, whose facilities are accommodations invite us to spend time in them and we offer a variety of activities and different. Without many of them belong to the sector of luxury, its decoration is very meticulous and their products from both toilet as the restaurant are of first level. Hotels that want to come back by the fact to spend a few days in them and to continue knowing the area where they are.

I hope I have clarified a little more than they are for me the Slow Hotels and, that you can help me to continue helping to find them.

What our paisanos say?

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