Slow Guide: West Asturias

Less known and promoted tourism that the eastern part, the western Asturian boasts of a respected coast and corners of the interior of the region almost unexplored. Beautiful seaside towns, secluded beaches, spectacular mountain routes and multitude of legends, invite the traveller to enjoy with calm of this paradise.

Slow recommendations to enjoy western Asturias:

- Take a stroll in the crop fields of the rasa coastline.
- Know the culture of the Asturian herdsmen in Brañaseca
- Visit the seaside towns of Cudillero and Luarca
. Observe the brown bear in the Somiedo Natural Park
- Discover wild coves beneath the cliffs
- Walking down by the largest private gardens in Spain
- Follow the coast from Barayo up to Puerto de Vega
- Try the asturian wines
- Hiking in the gorges of the Esva
- Lose yourself in the Cape Busto and take some pastries
- Visit prehistoric caves of La Peña
- Enjoy the nature in canoe expedition by the Polea River


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