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From Mi Paisano Slow Hotels we understand the journey as a personal enrichment, because as we discover destinations we try to get to know people who generate value in the region and show the places or experiences perhaps more unknown, but excellent. All intended to be enjoyed with calm and looking in the small details. Some trips in which we propose disconnect of our day to day and that at the same time serve us to improve it in a future including small programming.

In this sense we seek accommodation that can better help us to achieve this experience. In them we appreciate many things and today we will look at one that seems to us to be very interesting, do not have televisions.

Do not have them suppose an important decision on the part of the owner and assumed in occasions to face critics by travelers who allege that with the price of the room it is logical that you can see the TV, even the there is assert that the need to fall asleep, but these possible criticisms are overcome with the benefits that we believe that means not having television.

- The destination offers enough attractions like not to have that power on (and the owner known them)

- Disconnect for a few days also means do not connect with the mass media.

- There is no way that the appliance locks with any type of decoration and less in renovated buildings where are usually located the Slow Hotels.

- Taking into account the current schedule is almost contrary to a cultural proposal consistent with any destination.

- Propose other activities as readings, summer cinemas, theater, art exhibitions, etc.
These are (for now) the Slow Hotels that do not have a tv:

Finca La Ramallosa: in the middle of the Extremaduran immensity, between meadows and forests, this village centenary reconverted into exclusive accommodation recreates life in the field centuries ago with all the contemporary amenities.

Ses Sucreres: with an exquisite decoration Stephanie and Ignasi proposed in its visitors to live for a few days as a Menorca citizen in the village of Ferreries (perhaps less touristic island)

La Demba: in the Sobrarbe Huesca, the area less populated and least contaminated of Europe. Each room is designed and created by a different artist that transports us to their particular world.

Casa Shelly: what is known that was the residence of a wealthy family in the historic old town of Vejer, is today an accommodation of white walls, Swedish antiques, patios and curtains of esparto craft.

Cal Calsot: a country house in the Cerdenya which invites us to look for your windows to view the crop fields, the flocks of sheep, mountains and stars in the night.

YöK Casa+Cultura: a modernist building of 1900 eco renovated in the center of Barcelona where Petz and Mari proposed to the traveler to know the essence of this city and contact with the locals.

Camellas-Lloret: A beautiful house of the beginning of the XVIII century in the heart of the region of the Cathars that invites the conversation next to the fireplace and rocking in your garden heated by the sun.

Las Moradas del Temple: Five suites in the intramural Mirambel, take us back to the times of the Knights Templar.

Mas del Bot: A eco hotel in the countryside of Matarranya created with bales of straw and wood from sustainable forests.

Paraiso Escondido: this house at the top of a mountain invites totally to the calm, appreciate its views, walks in the forest, relax next to the swimming pool and enjoy its delicious gastronomy. Although it has a TV in the common room, rarely it is turn on, just to watch a movie from their collection or any sport event.

Eugaria Country House: in the heart of the Natural Park of Sintra and a few kilometers from the coast, lies this old house of farmers of the XVIII century, whose current owners have returned to life both house and their lands.

Casa da Cabaza : stone, wood, photography and works of art are given by a lake in the heart of rural Galicia. Siets, Tariq and artists from different parts of the world often organize retreats in which we can explore our passions.

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