9 place to get lost in Spain

From Mi Paisano we propose you the slow travel, favoring the contact with the premises and trying to know the destination in depth, this is the formula that employment in my travels, thanks to which I found some of the most beautiful places and surprising of the different districts almost by chance. I have collect here some of them to share with you.

COLOURFUL VILLAGES IN GALICIA. The Comarca of Ortegal is the one that counts with more villages both inhabited as uninhabited, stone, colorful, remind us of the tales of Asterix and Obelix

THE MOST BLUE LAKE. If we look at Embalse de El Grado from the strait of Entremón we note the forested areas of the shores, the fields and mountains in the background, which along with the intense turquoise blue of its waters created a real natural show.

EACH CURVE IS A SURPRISE. On the way, by the road that joins the Baix Camp with the Priorat, we cross the Sierra de Llaberia passing through forests, farms and places from which to contemplate the views that invite you to stop at every moment.

DESERT ISLAND. A simple canoe ride from the Arousa Island takes us to a small islet. We are in the lone Areoso, where the coves of white sand and crystal clear waters we transport you to the Robinson Crusoe books.

BE ON THE MOON. Forget the Mediterranean pine forests and white sandy coves typical of Menorca, here the territory reminds us of the familiar images of the Moon, we are in Favàritx and its lighthouse will guide us even in the days of storm (especially on the days of storm)

A VIRGIN COAST. There are few kilometers of coastline in the that has not been built, in this area of the east of Asturias you can still enjoy walks between crop fields to the cliffs which low to secluded beaches.

WALKS AMONG RICE PADDIES. In the Empordà highlight their precious coves and the medieval villages, but in between there are spectacular places as the rice fields, perfect for a bucolic bike ride.

VIEWS FROM A CELTIC VILLAGE. In a secondary road, without indications to reach, it seems that did not want to know. A short walk to reach the Celtic village of Castañuelo and from there to contemplate one of the best views of the Sierra de Aracena (and that is saying a lot), meadows, forests and mountains at our feet.

ROAD TO THE DESERT. The road to one of the hardest parts of Spain passes by lagoons and features mountain formations until you get to the desert of the Monegros.

If you want to know more precisely how to reach to them do not hesitate to ask me and I encourage you to share with us those places and moments in which you would like to stop the time. I invite you to leave the main roads, to improvise, to get lost, not to do, to enjoy…

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| 05-02-2016

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