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One of the good things of having worked in luxury hotels is that I have had the possibility to cooperate in the organization of numerous weddings and you want it or not, you're setting and thinking about what you like and what you do not to yours.

I would love to spend a few days in the field together with the family and closest friends, that it is not only the time of the ceremony and the banquet, but to be able to share the previous days with the people I want most.

Dedicate them to chat, to take the sun, to laugh, to play, make some feast (those who know me know that fiesta is not going to miss). We imagine in the countryside, in the mountain, next to a beach, I do not have very clear the place, but I would like to not have more guests. It is not that it is an asocial that does not like to relate, but these days I prefer to pass them with only the more coming.

For the day of the wedding, I am clear that I prefer that the ceremony is in the afternoon and the banquet for dinner. I have always liked more going out to dinner that to eat, actually eat outside gives me quite laziness. If we add to this that have to come to our "oasis" the rest of guests, the preparations for that day, the hairstyle of the bride, makeup, she already knows that almost prefer with the face washed, but I understand that that day some dust (with forgiveness) should be. If we add to this the fact that the feast of the previous day has stretched over the account (which certainly) and that I would like it in summer, no discussion, must be a wedding in the afternoon.

In terms of the decor nothing clutter, just some natural elements that are integrated with the environment and give something of the environment to the place. While the protocol of the most relaxd, that each one of you feel free (well to this have to give you a return).

For dinner you would choose our favorite dishes plus some suggestion that we might offer, always with fresh product and seasonal cooked with love and that has to do with the place where we are and say something from us.

In the dance I would love that began with some live music and in which all feel at ease.

This is how I imagine my wedding. I would like that you told me how do you imagine yours.

Indeed Gisela Don't be scared, there is no hurry, here I leave you as I would like it for our wedding in a futuuuro, meanwhile I will continue discovering these special places to couples and wedding planners.

The photo is from The Cristina Photography in a ceremony that took place in Mas Can Batlle.

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