Slow Travel in Spain

Mi Paisano Slow Hotels is a collection of hotels running by their owners who invite travelers to enjoy its region in a more responsible and conscious way. We are proud to announce that it has been named as the most highly valued by travelers.

With hotels and experiences distributed in large part of Spain we have decided to go a step further and offer you personalized advice on your travels.

From Slow Travel Designers we offer you travel where know the best of the culture of the regions, trying the local cuisine cooked over a slow fire, knowing places and doing that we know personally.

We do not understand the trip as something standardized, so we don´t propose you packages of hosting plus experiences. Each trip will be different and we accompany you from the beginning, helping you to choose the destination that best suits what you are looking for, until after the same when we would like share with us your impressions. But especially during the preparation, where we will create you a road map, and we will advise you to be able to take decisions according to your sensations during the trip.

We will propose routes by Spain to know different counties that you can shorten or lengthen according to the time you have, you could consult our small guides and some tricks will help you enjoy your trip in all senses.

Travel to know, learn, enjoy and above all grow personally, so that after it you will be able to improve your day to day.

Contact us and begins to enjoy the Slow Travel.

Phone: +34 635 502 284

What our paisanos say?

| 10-03-2016

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