Inspiring events in Asturias

If for your next event are looking for accommodation in which you may create in an inspiring environment and that this aligned with the commitment to sustainability of your company, we propose two Slow Hotels in the west of Asturias that I am sure that exceed your expectations.

Enjoy the views of the Asturian coastline and the heat of a wood burning fireplace, while they prepare a dinner cooked over a slow fire with the products of the orchard.

Not only the housing, which you will enjoy exclusive, but a series of experiences that will generate greater union in the computer. Know the culture vaqueira, the largest private garden of Europe or routes on the river very special.

contact usand show you which are the best options to make your next event a success.

Telephone: 34 635 502 284

Extra. We cannot help you if you are looking for hotels standardized, espichas with cider or the Sella River.

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