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A few years ago when I traveling I did so as if I had to know EVERYTHING which that destiny had to offer me. Visit the monuments, know all the neighborhoods, try one of the many restaurants and bars that recommended, see the best views and take some memories, but in reality what I was doing was to see the monument, walking (fast) by the neighborhoods, search the restaurants but just enjoy them, arrive exhausted at the top to take a photo and buy some souvenirs.

At the end of the trip I was tired but happy to have "removed" so many places in the list. I knew nothing of the history of the place, had not engaged in a conversation with someone from there and the majority of the sites visited were full of tourists, it did not matter, that destination was already "removed".

This was particularly intense when I did my Erasmus in Turin. This year journey as ever, taking advantage of the good communications and that had friends in other cities, visit with my girlfriend of that time many of the major Italian cities, we did a tour of Tuscany, several trips to the Alps, a week in Amsterdam, a weekend in the Cote d´Azur and a few days in Sardinia.

¡Wow, thought was not too bad! On the contrary, in fact the memory I have of this year is that it was one of the best in my life. The first time that lived abroad, to meet new colleagues (some remain friends) and not have to study too made that I became great.

I remember the trips which was always that "guided" a little to the group, except when we were going to visit a friend who was in another city, where (reluctantly) left that he or she "take control", but in the rest I sent. I used to read many guides, blogs, magazines, I already said that study rather little, to reach the site we are not escaped nothing and even we could know something more than a typical.

What was worse was in Amsterdam, we went in the winter and toward much cold, each little had to take off the gloves, remove the plane and look at the street where we had to go as the names were so complicated when saving the map already I did not remember which one it was. We were in a large group of colleagues of Erasmus and rented a van to explore part of Holland and Belgium, one of the girls grabbed a magazine where leaving the fields of tulips and I wondered where they were, I told him that I did not know, but that it was perhaps not the best time to see them, she insisted go to them, I think it did in plan of banter…

In order were trips in which we saw many things, not "understood" most, what we spent well and just exhausted. I do not want to say that the Colosseum in Rome, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the canals of Venice or the streets of Trastevere do not have their point in itself but it is true that he would have enjoyed much more if I had known better their whys. The fatigue was no problem, in fact many times we were out of fiesta to finish off the day, we were young.

But gradually emerging changes in my way of traveling. By my work had less time, also needed rest, I wanted to get to know better the culture of the place, to see things in a more authentic and to feel (to the extent possible) as a local.

To do this I took several decisions. The magazines, blogs and guides, I added the reading of a book on the place, I made the longest journeys, visited only what I really wanted, let me bring more and only traveling where I had a friend living, for that I teach the city from their point of view, in the event that did not have friends as for example in the Gambia, we hire a local guide who we had recommended.

The results were trips more enriching and repairers.

Now I ride the regions of Spain and its surroundings, trying to show that vision of traveler that integrates with local cultures in a way that is respectful and conscious.

All trips are learning, I know that without the Erasmus would not be possible that now I do and I hope to continue to improving over the years.

And you, how you travel?

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