Clientes, more than a money exchange

As I said in one of the first post I like to know personally to the people that I work with and for which work.

It may be a little old in this. Everywhere I see people who have their work teams distributed internationally and they have with their clients a relationship exclusively online.

For me it is essential that personal encounter and this helps me to be able to develop relations between the housing and the different interest groups (travelers, companies, journalists, bloggers…)

Knowing them personally I find better to whom you may find it more interesting hotel or blogger has a style that is better suited to that expresses the hotel.

It is a relationship that goes beyond the merely commercial or contractual. We know and we share our experiences, they invite me to know their "home" and I think it fair to know therefore something of me, where I am, where I live, I have a partner, where I worked and many more things emerge naturally in our conversations that usually begin with something of mistrust; is normal, Who is this guy? What are you going to do exactly? Why should I invite you to my hotel? And it is more, Why should I pay for it? . These doubts are resolved little by little and the conversation starts to be more fluently, personal and enriching.

It is here when I get to know what you like, what worries them, what they sports, will be my later work help transmit it and reduce its concerns, but at that time simply talk.

Just a few days ago I saw in an interview in which Dr. José Luis Cordeiro said that in about 20 years we will be able to communicate with other people without needing to speak, transmitting the information quickly and without distortion, as is already done in the machines. I do not know much more about the topic but I think that it will be difficult to maintain a relationship of genuine affection with these media, I could be wrong, but I think that can never replace a smile, a caress, shaking hands…

In the same way as the Slow Hotels are more than places to stay and spend a few days, I know that my role is something more that bring customers and charge them for this.

I must thank you for these moments shared with each one of them, which I am sure to join many more . Here I leave you some of the most special:

- Dinner next to the fireplace in Camellas-Lloret with Annie and Colin, or when we were in the hotel Casa Bonay in Barcelona.
- Climb up to Prat del Cadi with Marc of Cal Calsot
- Know with Alfonso his Finca La Ramallosa
- Dinner of double couples with Adelaide and Sergio of Las Moradas del Temple
- The talks with Tomas enjoying the views from 3 Cabos
- Dinner with Patricia in La Almunia del Valle
- The tea with Stephanie in the lounge with chimney of Ses Sucreres
- Breakfast with Oscar and Cristina in their Finca La Fronda
- Share some trays of sushi with Chris in the market of Vejer
- A beer in the old town of Ezcaray with Javier of Pura Vida.
- The Kayak by the Mediano Dam with the sons of Josep and Jota of La Demba (in La Demba there are many moments)
- The food in the port of Mahon with the team of Jardí de Ses Bruixes

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