Reconnect instead of disconnect

I believe that the journey, while you must serve to disconnect from the routine, should also help us to reconnect.

Reconnect with the partner, with the family, with friends, people that we have very close, but with which many times, in our day to day, we do not have a fluid relationship, an in-depth conversation or share a truly enriching experience.

You can also be reconnected with some hobby and even discover some new. As I always say, travel should leave something in us, learn from each other and get something that we can incorporate into our life.

And of course, reconnect with one same. Time to think about how I behave, know if I am really satisfied with my work, my environment, my health. And in any case, learn how to improve each of the situations. I am satisfied with my work, you might be able to take advantage of to study, read or attend an event about the topic; I am not, you may need to explore something that I believe will make me happier and I know that I will make with more interest. I am satisfied with my partner, it may be time to get to know it better, to help you to overcome your worries and accompany her in their passions; I am not, perhaps it is the right moment to quit (The same can be applicable to friends or family). Should I take care of myself more; it may be a good time to learn new habits more rest, best meals, more varied, more conscious…

All these actions that put in a context of holiday, can be perfectly applied to when we are in a period of work. As a matter of fact I think that the trend is that each time the periods of work and holidays will be less differentiated, so that achieve a good routine of both work and rest is essential.

We cannot wait 5 days to reach the end of week and we cannot be waiting for the entire year to our vacation. You must live each day fully and enjoy what you do.

You can reconnect at almost any site, it does not need to be at the top of a mountain or in a desert beach, although it is clear that aid.

Many experiences* have helped me to reconnect, feel a genuine interest in something or improve some of my skills. Here I show you some:

- See another way the nature thanks to Daniel in Sierra of Aracena, in the river with Kaly or watching the birds with Xavi in the interior of Menorca.
- Fascinarme by the decor thanks to the taste of the owners of Ses Sucreres or Camellas-Lloret.
- Connect with life in the field with Alfonso in his Finca La Ramallosa, in El Matarraña with Nigel and Gemma Mas of Bot, in the forest of Sintra in Eugaria Country House, in the mountains of La Cerdanya in Cal Calsot or between volcanoes in Mas Can Batlle.
- Learn about organic farming with Kike in her garden of Ortegal.
- Passionate by wine thanks his winery Mir Fernando DCueva, Francesc Capafons in its vineyards of Monstant or Rafael Mancebo with its wines of Winery Garnacha High Alberche.
- Try new recipes and improve my breakfasts thanks to Berny, Glenn and Gisela of paradise hidden.
- Discover different expressions of art with Manolo Paz in its foundation, chatting with Elvira in her gallery of Maó, strolling through the forests of Cádiz of NMAC or in the rooms and exhibitions of La Demba.
- Improve my teamwork and camaraderie thanks to the miners of Pozo Sotón.
- To learn that companies with real values that have managed to grow successfully as La Fageda or Teixidors.
- Assess the work behind each product, whether cheeses, shoes, yogurts, shiitake ham or salt.
- Interested in archeology thanks to Elena and Sabina in their path through the Menorcan prehistory.

*All can be seen in paragraph EXPERIENCES.

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