The Other Path

I'm not much of following the marked paths and I hope you do not either.

We have created a route so that you do it walking, in bicycle, in car, in motorcycle, a horse, to the right upside-down, begin and finish where you want.

We only suggest some places to sleep that we think are the best represent our philosophy in this area and some activities or points of interest in each of the stages.

Some told me that they want to do the Camino de Santiago, but that you like in some accommodations of the slow hotels. How I have never done the Camino de Santiago and honestly I had not stopped to look in detail did not know and are not allowed of this type.

So I took a look at what was in The Epilogue (Santiago de Compostela-Finisterre). It seemed that in most of the stages there was something interesting, so one day I met with them.

As I said at the time, just for that meeting and for it's worth.

It was there that we decided to make a different road, a road that did not pass strictly by the marked lines, which took us through the most harsh part of the Costa da Morte to Santiago de Compostela. Passing by infarct cliffs, several lighthouses, deserted beaches, seafaring villages and waterfalls. Unite the Way of the Lighthouses with the Epilogue of the Way of Santiago. And so we create The Other Path.

Since the first time in this area of Galicia I have not stopped visiting and recommending it.

You can make your reservation by contacting us or directly with the hotels you want to book. If you indicate that you do The Other Path you will have a 5% discount on your accommodation.

The order is what we have done, but how I said before can be changed:

Stage 1: Cabo Vilán - Camariñas
Lugar do Cotariño

Stage 2: Camariñas - Muxia
Casa de Trillo or Casa de Lema

Stage 3: Muxia - Nemiña
Casa Fontequeiroso

Stage 4: Nemiña - Ézaro
Casa de Santa Uxia

Stage 5: Ézaro - Negreira
Casa de Bola

Stage 6: Negreira - Santiago de Compostela
Casa Grande de Cornide

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