The king of the river

Kaly Aventura

When Juan Carlos Menendez, more known as Kaly, began back in the years 80, the active tourism was in its infancy. Today, 28 years later, countless paths and four Fitur awards later, it can be said that Kaly Aventura is an institution, not only in Asturias, but in the whole of Spain.

He was professional and was in their canoeist traveling for competition where he discovered that the kayak not only served to compete, but that it also would be nice to enjoy nature in a quiet and fun manner.

That is why when it withdrew from the high competition, decided to bring some American canoes and provide routes to the curious travelers. Since always had clear that I wanted to propose differentiated products and quality in the customer to offer his knowledge of the environment and ensure maximum security.

In this way was installed in Serandinas, in the Comarca of Boal, in a hostel that runs. This is one of the most isolated areas of
Asturias and still today access it requires to take it easy, but the beauty of this place and the fact that this practically virgin makes the experiences are much more valuable.

On this occasion, taking advantage of the fact that it was the day of Asturias, accompanied me some friends to perform one of its routes in the heart of western Asturias, a tour of the Rio Polea, tributary of the Navia.

Stayed at his hostel where we had provided by everything we needed to make the path and he gave us the relevant signs. Road to the river he was showing us the particularities of the land, as well as some legends of the area. Once in him, Kaly showed us some of the "secrets" and stories of natural place. A tour that is narrowing between spectacular mountains and forests reminds the images of the documentaries of Canada.

He organize routes of several days by the river, and not just canoeing, but also many other activities such as canyoning, climbing, hiking or bike, activities always accompanied by expert guides to enjoy the environment in the best conditions.

In this video (recorded in the same path as we did) Kaly explains its philosophy and way of working with the different groups who flock to them as team building, schools, stag parties, families, camps for children, the handicapped, etc.

Phone: +34 689 565 640
Address: Lugar Serandinas, 64A, 33726 Serandinas, Asturias (Albergue Serandinas)