The art of discover the authentic

Encant Art Gallery

After that several people in the island recommend me to visit to Elvira García, I am in contact with her whom receives me in her art gallery Encant.

There we speak quietly about her gallery and about Slow Hotels, but above all we talked about us what we do and how we do it. How we have left our jobs to dedicate ourselves to what we really like. In her case after many years working as official in Madrid she decided to go to Menorca and create a gallery of art, mine you already know.

Encant is not just an art gallery, its relationship with the artists goes beyond the professional taking a more personal relationship with them. In fact at the end of our meeting arrives Rita Moreno with who she went to have a lunch. Elvira, choose those artists in which she sees its authenticity expressed in his works. Beauty and authenticity are the leitmotif of this space, which is a restored building in the center of Mahón which attracts a lot of people who go ahead, especially to the kids.

Work and represent the artists in which she sees a consistency between their life and work. Artists whom bring to this small Mediterranean island of different parts of the world and as we cross the gallery we discover the Japanese Takeshi Motoyima, the British Piers Jackson or the Minorcan Jose Angel Sintes.

A skill, this to appreciate the authentic, which comes from its origins when she lived in the family home in a Castilian town which is end of journey. One of those places where are well aware of the value of things and where it is easier to get to know its essence.

Address: Infanta, 20, 07702 Mahón (Menorca)
Phone: +34 971 364 416