Understanding the nature

Babel Nature

Then my tour with Juan and his donkey Rocio, I met with Daniel Calleja, who while we take a walk by the environs of Linares de la Sierra explains me in what consist, Babel Nature the company that he managed.

Babel Nature, is an ecotourism company formed by a group of experts in different areas related to the interpretation of the environment. Thus through different activities approach the nature of a sensitive and experiential way to the travelers.

Daniel is environmentalist, among many other things, and in our walk he talk me about the plants that we are going to encounter, its functions and its relationship with the rest of the ecosystem. Known as nobody these trails of Sierra de Aracena, where there was not born but which fell in love many years ago by its purity and interest both natural and historic.

This is another of the things they propose and that personally I like most, know the stories and legends of villahes and mountains that cannot be understood in some way other than through the knowledge of the environment in which they are.

Depending of the seasons they offer different activities. The bellowing, the fruits of the forest and the mycology so rich in this area, are the protagonists in the autumn; the spring invites the tracing, geology, photography of orchids…; in the evenings of the summer will look at the sky of this sierra declared Reserve Starlight to initiate people to astronomy and walked the paths under the full moon.

Promptly organize experiences aimed at different audiences. Each month you can view your calendar of events which are the most interest you. Activities in families as detectives in the forest, the sense of plants or hiking after the traces of the lynx; some more for adults, such as the initiation sports to Nordic Walking in the dunes of Mazag; or cultural, as the route by the mills of Odiel.

Address: Jesús María nº10 21450 Linares de la Sierra (Huelva)
Telephone: +34 655 30 52 01