Mining for a day

Pozo Sotón

These Christmas I was in Asturias passing a few days with the family. I wanted to do something special, an activity which spoke of the history of my region, that could not be done in another place and almost by accident I found that a few months ago Hunosa had opened to the public the Pozo Sotón, the deepest in Europe and auxiliary to Pozo Maria Luisa.

When I was a kid had already been in the Mining Museum, but a visit to the Pozo Sotón visit was different, it was not a reproduction but to know a mine in its natural state and get to know the work of the miners.

When I arrived there, they told me that it was making people visiting them feel miners for a day, and go if we succeed. Start changing your normal clothing by mono, helmet, gloves, boots, t-shirt and even underpants, what if you are going to stain? Sure, is more, in part of that question (don't worry, at the end you can shower, although it is possible to follow by removing coal from the nose during a couple of days).

After a few explanations on security and put flashlight and self-rescuer, we got to know the history of this place, which was for so long the engine of the economy and industry of Asturias and the still living many families. Here took place the Revolution of 1934, served as a refuge during the civil war and even worked an aspirant to the throne of Spain. Stories told by authentic miners with the excitement of someone who loves what he does and with their characteristic sympathy from Asturias.

We visited the affairs where we found several items declared of Cultural Interest in 2014 and included among the 100 elements of industrial heritage more representative of Spain, as are the toilets house and the union office of brick seen own from the modernist period; the two tower and the RETER which surrounds inspired by the works of the French engineer Eiffel.

Then comes the main dish, the experience in the bowels of the earth to more than 550 meters of depth. We went down with the "cage", we descended the fireplace of the jota, barrenamos (make the holes for the explosives) walls and even hopped on a subway train. A route of about 5km between galleries, stairs and tunnels, accompanied by miners who transmitted, almost unintentionally, the camaraderie and respect among the workers of the mine.

Do not tell much more of this visit, because I believe that it is best to live it yourself, just will tell you that in Pozo Sotón is not a gift shop, so the "souvenirs" you should win it. To do this you will enter in a tube, leave you a heavy pneumatic hammer with which it seems as if you were going to tear down media mine, the grab strong, hit the button and... much noise but just a few small chips of bags coal. Do not worry, when you leave the fireplace you can choose between several pieces so you can wear them and use them as a figurehead and as a souvenir of your day at the mine.

Pozo Sotón is a unique experience in Europe, which is becoming one of the stars in Asturias by its authenticity, historical interest and values transmitted by its protagonists.

Address: El Sotón, 2, 33940 San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Asturias
Phone: +34 985 65 49 23 - +34 630 119 642