These wines are a party

Bodega Garnacha Alto Alberche

For twenty one years, eleven couples were celebrating a party in honor to the wine and, in one of these, decided to create a winery!

It was in 2004, when began to be built next to the vineyards of the grandfather of one of its members, and current winemaker ”Bodega Garnacha Alto Alberche”.

The winery is located on the outskirts of Navaluenga, and from there to follow a dirty road until you reach it. Stone by stone that were in the same field were starting the work, and was in 2006 when they opened their doors, which by the way, they have more than 300 years and are the symbol of the winery.

Of the eleven couples that began this nice, and the torque, crazy project, are only five that are still currently combining their respective occupations, with the day-to-day running of the winery. They do it because the love of the land, their customs and to the Grenache grapes, the only one used in all their wines. When we say "to the land" is because they are recovering the landscape of the vineyards, with their customs, because since always it was a way of life for many inhabitants of the zone and the grapes that until the years 60 was sent to Madrid to wine-making.

When they began, there was no other winery in the area. And in these moments are emerging new projects that together with “Bodega Garnacha Alto Alberche”, make that D.O. would not take long to arrive.

These actions are calling the attention of personalities in the world of wine as Andrew Jefford, who was surprised that with a same grape variety we find many singularities, depending on the field, its orientation, height…

The vineyards are harvested by hand in their old vines of low production, obtaining in total 20000 bottles per year, which divided among its six wines. These mono varietal wines, as they say, have "body and soul" the body of the grapes grown in their vineyards and the soul of the history of their land and their families. Its name 7 Navas, was chosen to give prominence to the area, as there are seven villages that have "Nava" as a prefix or suffix. Biodynamic wines are also of great quality and all are above 90 points in the Peñín guide.

Among them are their top wine, Finca Catalino and Finca Faustina, who refer to the name of the vineyards where they pick up their grapes, very special vineyards of more than 100 years. Whose tags are watercolours made by hand by the Foundation of Fundabem Navaluenga.

Its wines are tasting a lot, especially in countries such as Denmark, the United States and Taiwan, where sold much of their top wines.

Often they organize visits, events, food pairing with snacks in the area as the cheeses of author Elvira García and until there is the possibility of becoming a member of the winery.

In order to do not forget their origins, they organize nothing less than three parties per year, linking the wine and the Grenache grapes with other worlds. And there comes “Garnoche”, which carried out the first weekend in August in which lead to musicians to his cellar where they organized a dinner and dancing, blending wine, music and stars. The third weekend of September carried out a meeting, at which poets from many different countries recite their works in which they allude to the vineyards, the Grenache and winery. And this year 2015 has been organized with great success, the first gear cycle tourist, which runs through the region of Alto Alberche, 62km in that it is passed by the seven villages that gives name to the cellar, ending the tour in this where there is a traditional food Ávila accompanied by their wines.

Address: Paraje del Pimpollar, Parcela 17, Polígono 5 (Navaluenga, Ávila)
Phone: +34 616 416 542