Dream Bakery in Asturias

Pastelería Cabo Busto

Since summer 2012, in addition to the coastal path natural reserve that surrounds the lighthouse, the travelers have another reason to stray from the road and discover Cape Busto, a pastry of dreams which has been named as one of the best in Spain.

After his studies in cuisine and pastry in the Hospitality School and to work in Pomme Sucre with Julio Blanco in his bakery of Gijon, Jonathan Gonzalez decides to return to his town and to create Pastelería Cabo Busto.

He missed having breakfast with his grandmother, walking with his dog in the Cape and the peace of mind that that place provide him. In this way explain me, this guy humble and worker, as he began doing simple sweets with a single oven and passing too many hours in the kitchen; and when, little by little, he saw that they were having success, began to enter new creations.

Always strive for the quality and the local products. Develop a type of cake less sweet than usual, always searching for a point of freshness and using seasonal products. They have a small orchard where they get some of the fruits with the elaborated and decorate their cakes, getting the rest of the Finca El Cabillon which belong to Fundación Edes.

Locals and travelers make queue, during the summer, in the garden of this house of Busto, painted, since always, with a few colors that evoke the stories of Hansel and Gretel as if somehow her grandfather knows , since always, that house one day would become a pastry shop and his grandson in a large pastry chef.

They have patented the Tarta de Asturias, inspired by the Tarta de Santiago, but made 100% with asturian products (applesauce of orchard, marzipan of hazel nuts, toasted hazelnuts, jam of cider and decorated with the Cross of Victory), to continue the trip by remembering “la tierrina” several days after.

Jonathan tells us with illusion that more and more couples that rely on them for the day of their weeding, and also the restaurants of the area are working with. Has many and varied proposals, but he prefers to go step by step and continue to use the low seasons of winter, for continuing to learn and innovate.

Phone: +34 635 590 194
Address: Busto s/n