Travel to the prehistory of Minorca

Menorca Arqueológica

It was my first time in Menorca, and Jardí Ses Bruixes suggested to me the best experience to understand the island, a route through some of its archaeological sites accompanied by Elena Sintes and Sabina Llambias whom form Menorca Arqueológica.

Elena works as archaeologist on the island, having led several of the excavations and has recently written the book Talayotic Minorca. Began the project, when after a few days in which she served as guide for a few invited by the government of the island, she realized that she enjoyed passing on some of their knowledge and the people were interested in knowing more. After joined Sabina, who she met at the Faculty of History, of mother and American father menorcan, discovered in these lands his passion for understanding the past.

Large well acquainted with the island, organize your excursions depending on the tastes and experience of their customers. They can choose from, not in vain, Menorca is the place of the Mediterranean with greater number of deposits. Taulas, talayots, caves, navetas are the most characteristic elements and serve to know part of the way in which they lived the old settlers, although another large part is still unknown or that can give rise to different interpretations. But as Elena said, "this is the challenge and the grace that has the go discovering and interpreting the past."

In what they all are agree on is that the first settlers did not arrive until 2100 bc and it is believed that he was fleeing from serious conflicts of the peninsula and the south of France. "Rushing" to the sea in search of land more quiet, something similar to what is happening now with the inhabitants of the most turbulent areas of the planet (we seem to have learned little over the course of history).

It is known that this fact joined with the difficulties of some less fertile land hit by strong winds and high summer temperature, marked the societies on the island. Somehow that did that for many centuries were egalitarian and solidarity, and may come from there (this is personal interpretation) the quiet and friendly nature of the current Menorcans.
This and many other data that are transmitted in a fun way and passionate in their routes where will transport you back to the prehistory in the middle of nature.

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