Discovering the birds of Menorca

Menorca Walking Birds

I never had too much interest in the birds. Always calls the attention when you pass a large flock or any eagle flies over you, but little beyond there. However, I enjoyed the day I found Xavi Méndez and we went to see a little bit more to these animals. Xavi, is responsible for the company Menorca Walking Birds, among other things.

Knowledgeable as few of the Minorcan nature guide and expert, has carried out major ornithological projects and published in several magazines, at the same time who has served as monitor of sporting activities in the island for more than ten years.

It was early November and we are approaching small gaps in the center of the island. There binoculars and telescope in hand we walked a few meters until you told me: "look I’ll give a heron", and as if it was a documentary were I can see through the telescope a beautiful white heron; this followed a group of lapwings; a booted eagle, ducks "coll blau", which are, in fact, of the green neck.

He tells me that one of the advantages of Menorca, is that in their small size they have a great variety of ecosystems and that during migration many of the birds that come or go from Africa to Europe in the Balearic Islands are a good place to rest for a few days, which allows you to observe a great variety of birds.

Among its activities offers routes from half-day tours of up to one week, adapted to the level and the tastes of their customers. I explained that when children are trying to do so in a very didactic way and in many occasions come experts mainly from the UK (where love birds) looking for any particular species that you can show them the thanks to his knowledge of the terrain and the direct dealings with the peasants who allow you to enter in their farms, making possible to see them from much closer.

Not only watching, but also tours of nature and hiking trails around the less known roads and unexplored. In short, the perfect companion to know a little better this island declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1993.

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