The best spanish ham

Jamones Eíriz

I come to the village of Corteconcepcion to know the process of elaboration of one of the gourmet products more valued internationally, the iberian ham. There, the family Eíriz takes more than 200 years breeding Iberian pig and developing excellent sausages.

Today Jamones Eíriz , continues to maintain its familiar character and a controlled production where take precedence to the purity of the breed, the good treatment of the animal and the handmade elaboration, to achieve excellence that has allowed it to be awarded numerous prizes between which it emphasizes the Ham of Gold 2005 to his entire career.

Vanesa accompanies me in the visit that we began in the Dehesa de sierra next to their facilities where we see the pigs walk freely of oak in encina eating acorns, bathing in its ponds or scratching in the cork. I explained that their exploitation is intended to be in their farms each animal has a hectare, which ensures its correct power.

Some of the secrets by the that here the hams are so good must be the pleasant microclimate, the low level of pollution and the fact of being meadows of sierra that makes the pigs exercise more facilitating the infiltration of their fat.

After I accompany their facilities where show me their natural dryers and explain the whole process, from which are taken to the slaughterhouse until they are available for sale. They control manually the light and temperature in the majority part of the process.

In the adjoining offices a group of people is responsible for attending and send the orders, which according to tell me come mainly from restorers and small distributors of products selected.

The promenade and the visit we have opened a little appetite, so to complete it entered in the family room which formerly made sausages and meets the whole family. Next to the fireplace we prepare a tasting of its hams accompanied by wines of the area, in which we give advice on his court and tasting.

Phone: +34 959 120 019
Address: C/ Pablo Bejarano, 43 CP 21209 - Corteconcepción (Huelva)