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In the heart of La Garrotxa, a few kilometers from the village of Santa Pau, we leave the main road to enter the road that crosses forest, river and waterfalls to find Mas Can Batlle, an ancient farmhouse that Albert and Cristina have been living and feeling since 2004, the year in which they decided to leave Barcelona to form their family there.

When they arrived, both the house and the estate was abandoned many years ago, and they have gradually consummately and equipping it with everything that is requested. So far they have enabled five magnificent suites, with restored furniture, plants, very special tubs and the latest in equipment.

Everything fits and has a sense. It would be very difficult to choose one, but to give you an idea, in which I slept; there was a swing of fabric, a huge terrace with a view to the Natural Park, a headland of wood's own home with more than 300 years old and a bathroom that I am in love.

On the first floor have an oratory that they have been left untouched, and on the ground floor a small library, a games room and a room where they prepare the breakfast buffet with cold meats and cheeses of the area, homemade pastries, bread with tomatoes from your garden, jams, honey and yoghurt of La Fageda.

They have recently created an indoor garden in a gallery with arcades where peacefully spend the time and feel how the house integrates with the nature. In the estate, an ancient water mill, several gardens, a leafy path that passes through this and a curious seasonal swimming pool.

The dinner will be served slowly in the dining room with wood burning fireside on the ground floor. A menu with products from their orchard and traditional dishes cooked on slow fire.

Mas Can Batlle, definitively it is a lively place, very special, ideal to enjoy the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa and discover the world of freedom, respect and creativity that Albert and Cristina created day by day.

The best: the relation between the ancient house and the natural park.
Facilities: gardens, dining room, pool, chaptel, library, forest, fireside, forest, lounge.
5 Suites
Doubles from 185€ TAX and breakfast included

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