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Ushering in La Rioja Alta, leaving behind Santo Domingo de la Calzada and to 4km of Ezcaray, we arrived at the village of Valgañón where is Pura Vida Hotel.

Javier and Ascen, professional interior designers, have succeeded in transforming a house of more than 150 years old in an accommodation benchmark in design, quality and attention.

They have done while maintaining the essence of the house: it beautiful facade of stone, the original wood beams, the backyard in which to enjoy the breakfast when the weather is good and the large garden where you can relax in the shade of walnut trees, cypresses, pines and plums.

In the interior they have created nice spaces where you can read or chat next to the fireplace, sitting on comfortable sofas and fun bar stools.

Up the stairs, pure lines of white walls punctuated by original design pieces accommodate eight rooms spread over two floors. They are all different, dressed with the affection with which professionals in design decorate your home. In which I stayed had white wooden beams, a beautiful sofa of scottish wool tweed, a single bed and Ezcaray blankets of mohair with the to be covered and contemplating the view of the garden with the Sierra de la Demanda to the fund.

The breakfast buffet is prepared in a dining room of elm wood and leather, governed by an original creation of Javier made with bottles of wine, in whose interior there are mixtures of these, illuminated with led lights. It consists of freshly baked pastries, home made cakes, honey of the area, jam, cheese, sausage and juice squeezed at the time.

Javier and Ascen, a couple in love of La Rioja, will help you to know nice corners and different proposals.

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