Casa Shelly (Vejer de la Frontera)

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Chris y Javier | www.casashelly.com/en/hotel | info@casashelly.com | T. +34 639 118 831

The quiet wandering along the cobbled streets of the historic center of Vejer brings us up to Casa Shelly. From the street it looks like another whitewashed only a lantern and a registration to show us that it is here where Javier and Chris have decided to receive to the traveler who is looking for out of the routine and connect with the charms of this historic city.

Once we pass the original wooden doors of the eighteenth century, we find ourselves with a delightful courtyard central beautiful arches and vaulted ceilings through where it enters the intense light of Cadiz is not hampered by the artisans of esparto grass blinds that hang on the walls.

Tile floors, plants, light colors that convey beauty and calm, that invite you to be referred from the galleries of the upper floors. Among the Swedish antiques furniture we found that referring to the country of birth of Chris.

Account with seven bright rooms, all different, with nice fabrics and original ceiling fans. Many of them have balcony or terrace with views to the streets and courtyards of neighbors.

At the entrance, a precise reading lounge with fireside and in the background, a garden patio to enjoy the intimacy next to the water which emanates from the source between lavenders, geraniums and orange trees. From its terrace you can enjoy the views of the nearby church more, while we enjoyed the sunshine of Cadiz.


The best: the combination of Swedish antiques with woods and Andalusian crafts.
Facilities: reading room, bar, patio, lookout terrace
7 rooms
Doubles from 80€ vat included
Adults Only

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