Finca La Fronda (Sierra de Aracena)

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Familia Wordsworth | www.fincalafronda.com/?lang=en | info@fincalafronda.com | T. +34 659 963 510

I indoors in the Sierra de Aracena marveled by the beauty of the place, the meadows are being replaced by forests and suddenly when the nature we almost completely covers a cartel makes us deviate from the path address Finca La Fronda.

From its privileged situation we can see the natural park where we are, the summits of the mountains and valleys dotted with white villages. A perfectly integrated with environment, designed by the Wordsworth family to enjoy the small things.

At the entrance we receive a rectangular courtyard of orange trees from the distributed seven of its rooms. The rooms are very spacious with nice fabrics and noble woods with private terrace surrounded by cork oaks and chestnut trees. As a courtesy they leave pure water from its source and, every day, a different poetry on the bed written by William Wordsworth, their
great grandfather.

In the interior of the house a large room with a fireplace, a piano, English furniture, where the popular nights are enlivened with concerts of Oscar Perversa that invites you to participate to the guests. Outside the stars are protagonists of the night in cataloged as Starlight.

Walk between the gardens of lavender and rosemary we arrived at the pool from which you can enjoy the best sunsets in the whole sierra and from which the overcast days it seems that we could continue to walk on the clouds.

In their breakfast offer an original letter of jams made from them as well as homemade pastries, juice, cheeses and meats in the area. For dinner prepared a menu according to the seasonal products and what they have collected in your garden.


The best: listen to the birds and admire the views from the pool area.
Facilities: gardens, swimming pool, lobby, living room with fireplace, dining room, courtyard.
7 rooms
Double from 109€ VAT and breakfast included

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