Paraíso Escondido (SW Alentejo & Vicentine Coast)

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The vast fields of Alentejo are replaced by mountains and forests as we come to the Vicentine Coast. In one of those paths, a fence green and an inscription together with sheets of a arbutus tree, which reads Paraiso Escondido.

To pass through it, began to climb a mountain and, as we ascend we relaxing, we have already come to paradise. At the top we expect next to their home Berny and Glenn, who receive us with open arms.

It is a rectangular house with the typical colors of the of the Alentejo villages, where their proud inhabitants paint their houses with the colors of always, maintaining the harmony and the meaning with the ground.

We come into the house which “speaks” of their lives, their origins, their travels, and their lifes in other countries. Portuguese classics, asian antiques and unique pieces.

In another building, perfectly integrated with the environment, Berny show us their wellness center with space for relaxation and treatment area. On the ground floor of this building is where they carry out their painting workshops, cooking courses or tea ceremony.

We decided to walk through the forest surrounding the house and the lake. After the walk we sat in the garden beside the pool and we take a look at the views of the countryside and the Alentejo mountains.

Night approaches and while Gisela plays with Zulu, their beautiful african dog, Glenn light the fireplace.

The dinner is a trip by the different cuisines that they know, shrimp with oriental sauces, chicken of African inspiration, all cooked with love, using the best products of the region and the plants of its ecological orchard. The sweet spot puts their daughter Gisela with her excellent desserts.

The breakfast is served in the beautiful glazed gallery. A selection of cheeses and cold meats of the region, that suggest accompany with typical bread of Alentejo and jams of Alma da Nossa Gente. Juices and seasonal fruits, artisans yogurts, selection of tea and coffee and Lizi's granola and scrambled eggs specialty of Glenn to complete a breakfast that we take a lot of notes.

We decided to visit the coastline of which Berny speaks to us with passion and gives us some recommendations to enjoy it as it deserves. Passionate about its beaches, fishing villages, cliffs of this area, and is not for less. Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast, is a natural park and that makes it possible to enjoy secluded beaches and that their villages maintain its authentic charm.

A few days in this paradise are sufficient to impact on the lives of the people whom visit it and so displayed in their guestbook, which this wonderful family saves as the biggest of their treasures.

The best: the happiness which transmits living and sharing in so special place
Facilities: pool, dining room, fireplace, lounge, terrace, forest, lake, workshop studio, wellness center, garden.
Rooms: 5
Doubles from 130 € VAT and breakfast included
*Minimun 2 or 3 nights stay depending of the season

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