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Until the apparitions of the Virgin to children in Fatima, this was a small village. Fátima as well as the nearby villages where people used to cultivate the field and work as artisans.

The boom and religious fervor made around the figure of the Virgin is to produce a series of phenomena not all positive. Although brought an important source of income due to the tourism, mainly religious; this meant that they were abandoning the work of the field and many of these villages were razed to the ground.

Here are Peter and Ana, who on the farm of the grandparents of it have created Luz Houses in which recreates life in the ancient villages . So Ana, architect by profession has created different spaces where they reproduce the typical constructions of the villages of the area along the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Since we arrived we can feel like the people who work there they do it with pleasure. The day was rainy and they offer us a hot towel and a cup of tea. Before joining us to the room show us a very special place, a natural cave of stone in the forest that was formerly a used as a warehouse and now is your area of treatments that is hard to resist.

Next to the reception called our attention an area with different objects, clothing, games, food… all craftsman and made in Portugal, the great majority in the area, for those who want to bring a souvenir authentic of the country.

The rooms distributed in the garden are spacious and bright with a certain style shabby chic with canopies, bathtubs with feet, wood… all geared to rest, well-being and to break with the routine.

From his refuge of sheep out several paths that by the forest lead us up to and Hungarian Calvário and sacral via, spiritual paths where to feel the harmony with nature, which is venerated in your chapel, in which, after the pulpit opens a glass wall that lets see forests.

Back to the Mother House Peter and Ana tell us with passion the why of this project that has a lot to do with the love of their land, their ancestors, the leave something for their children and share it with those who wish to know it.

As they try to recreate scenes in which the people gathered next to the fireplace, the ceramic workshops and new projects actually originals that I prefer not to reveal yet.

We turn to its restaurant where we serve a tasting of its letter of light dishes, soups, salads, a selection of cold meats and cheeses, all of local origin and delicious.

Of its excellent breakfast we love your freshly baked bread, fruits of the season, the scrambled eggs, the homemade cakes, juices detox, granola made by themselves that accompany of yogurt craftsman and honey of Fatima.

Luz Houses is a place to relax, learn, disconnect, full of surprises and with people who feel that place and you transmit.

The best: imagine how life was in these villages and feel the energy of the forest
Facilities: living room with fireplace, restaurant, gardens, forest, refuge sheep, treatment room, pool, honesty-bar.
Rooms: 13
Doubles from 110€ VAT and breakfast included

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